Athletic Track systems
Rekortan World Athletics

Experience the pinnacle of track performance with Rekortan. Trompie Sport has proudly partnered with Rekortan to install world class athletic tracks accross Southern Africa. Rekortan boasts with the world's most certified tracks. Since 1969, starting with the Berlin Olympic Stadium.

Rekortan is the chosen surface by athletes, schools, clubs and major venues worldwide from Olympic Games, Diamond League's, African Championships, Asian Games, European Games and World Championships.

Spray Coat System
IAAF Tartan

The most cost effective system, this type of athletic track is widely used. A spray coat running track is a porous system that consists of a polyurethane layer with bound black rubber granules and a thin polyurethane and coloured EPDM spray layer.

Sandwich System
Rekortan M

Rekortan M is World Athletics’ most certified track and is chosen by some of the world’s biggest stadiums. The system is ideal for competition and training. Rekortan M is an impermeable sandwich system with a durable wear layer and a sealed paved-in-place base layer.

Full PU System
IAAF Tartan

When it comes to track surfaces, full PU systems are the top of the line. Control, high energy return, outstanding quality and consistency, high performance, and long lasting durability.

Rekortan Gel Series
The world’s greenest tracks

Rekortan Gel tracks developed with amazing science, is Rekortans most advanced environmental and performance technology. Rekortan Gel tracks reduce stress on the environment & the athlete. The Gel, as a liquid inside a solid matrix, delivers more stable force reduction over wider temperature range, which enhances the athlete experience. 58% energy return, for more athlete ‘ping’

Athletic Artificial System

Artificial grass does not need to rest. This is one of the most beloved features of athletes, coaches, and schools. Most sports aren�t able to fully utilize their sports field, because natural grass, there is downtime after use. This is a cost effective sollution compared to rubber tracks and it reduces overall maintenance costs commpared to natural fields.


Using the SmarTracks diagnostics software, data such as running time, distance, step frequency, length and number are displayed and documented. In this way, athletes and trainers can check each performance, optimise training plans and prevent injuries resulting from overtraining.

Effective measurement of various parameters Speed & endurance (speed, step frequency, etc.) Jumping ability (drop jump, countermovement jump, squat jump) - Foot Tappings

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