Traditional Italian red clay courts

15 October 2022

SASHOC Nationals: Emerging Hockey Talent

Trompie Sport Transformed North-West University's Tennis Facilities with the first traditional Italian red clay courts in South Africa are ready for action!

Trompie Sport, an industry leader in sports field construction, recently achieved a monumental task of bringing together the essence of all four Grand Slam tournaments to a single location. They successfully built a state-of-the-art ITF standard clay facility, turning North-West University's vision into a reality.

The university envisioned a tennis academy with diverse playing surfaces to reflect the varying conditions of the world's major tournaments. The objective was to equip their athletes with the unique skills required to conquer any court in the world. Trompie Sport, with their unparalleled expertise, brought this vision to life.

North-West University's Tennis Academy now boasts hardcourt acrylic surfaces that mirror the fast-paced action of the US Open, grass courts that reflect the prestigious Wimbledon tournament, and clay courts reminiscent of the grueling rallies at Roland Garros. All these world-class facilities were constructed and surfaced by Trompie Sport, demonstrating the company's exceptional proficiency in accommodating different sport surface requirements.

This impressive feat is a testament to Trompie Sport's commitment to delivering high-quality sports facilities. Their dedication to quality service is evident in their versatility, expertise, and meticulous attention to detail. The project at North-West University underscores Trompie Sport's capacity to handle high-level sports facilities projects with finesse and professionalism.

Whether you seek to emulate the fast-paced conditions of Melbourne Park or the renowned clay courts of Roland Garros, Trompie Sport has proven that they can make this a reality. The firm's capacity to provide such high-quality, diverse facilities in one location speaks volumes about their service.

So, regardless of the surface type or the scale of the project, Trompie Sport is the go-to team for any sports field construction queries. They are committed to ensuring that every project they undertake meets the highest international standards, providing athletes with world-class facilities to hone their skills and conquer their game. This project with North-West University reaffirms Trompie Sport's position as industry leaders, contributing significantly to the advancement of sports facilities across the country.

At Trompie Sport, the goal is clear - to build sports fields that breed champions.
SASHOC Nationals: Emerging Hockey Talent

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