Tennis Surfaces

Trompie Sport, Southern Africa's only contractor to have constructed and surfaced high-level tennis courts on traditional clay, acrylic, artificial grass and natural grass.

Our Experience

Trompie Sport Division has several experienced teams ready to undertake your project from start to finish. With schools, sports clubs and local government as clients, we have successfully built and resurfaced more than a thousand all weather and multi purpose courts, making us leaders in the industry. We have constructed courts, pitches and tracks for 15 different sporting codes.

Acrylic Tennis Court

Together with ITF recommendations and global supplier like Laykold and Nova Sport, Trompie Sport developed a high-performance acrylic surface that gives even pace and grip. Our acrylic system is ideally suited for schools and clubs that require an affordable, high quality, tennis or multi-sport surface.

Our superior system is comprised of 5 layers that delivers the quality required to withstand the harsh climate conditions in Africa. .

Clay Tennis Court

The red clay tennis courts were born in Italy which is the country with the strongest tradition. Red Clay, is used in thousands of tennis courts around the world, starting with the most prestigious Italian Clubs.

There are many reasons that makes red clay the best known and used in the tennis sector: the quality and purity of raw materials, the constantly perfected blend, the technical features and the red color, which has become distinctive of their product. .

Natural Tennis Court

Natural grass surface consists of short-cut grass and is the fastest type of court. Similiar to Wimbeldon.

Offering low ball bounces and shorter rallies this fast surface provides an advantage to players with big serves, as the ball is harder to return.

Artificial Tennis Court

Artificial grass courts allows for the same softness and feel as a grass court without the maintenance.

Synthetic courts have better durability and less upkeep than a standard grass or acrylic court. The sand-filled topping that layers the surface of a synthetic court protects the court from weather conditions, allowing it to dry faster, and making it less susceptible to wear over time.

Tennis Court Construction Timelapse

Watch a timelapse of a mastic layer being applied to a tennis court

Hard Court conversion

Breath new life into your old and weathered hard courts and convert them to an artificial surface. An Artificial surface has less maintenance requirements and a longer lifespan than traditional hard courts.

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